Gougou - expense manager for iOS

November 10, 2022

Gougou - expense manager for iOS

Our mission is to create a lightweight and ergonomic software. Contrary to others, we aim to remain with the original app purpose. We ensure that your data belongs to you and can be removed whenever you want.

We are delighted to introduce you to the Gougou - the best expense manager for iOS running in a secure cloud. Steve Jobs had a dream where you could use a web app as a native iOS app. Despite the Apple has changed, we strongly agree with his idea.

We believe in quick feedback as the best method for improving software. This would be impossible with a slow review process that is inevitable to publish a standard iOS app. We invite you as the app user to notify us, the app developers, whether we’re doing a good job or have to change the app to suit your needs.

Gougou app iOS features

Many iOS apps weight hundreds of megabytes, eating up all your phone space. However, the Gougou is different. You can open the Gougou right now, and it won’t slow down your phone as other apps do.

Gougou is running in the cloud, so you just open the interface as you would open a website. Keep your phone memory for photos and videos.

Customize categories with beautiful icons and meaningful names. Filter expenses using quick date range selectors. Generate clear reports to understand where your money is going.

Have you ever been at a department store carrying bags in one hand? With the Gougou, you can add new expenditures using voice. Touch the speech recognition icon and say the amount and category.

Gougou will listen to you and figure out details of the expenditure. You can accomplish it with only one free hand. If the Gougou understood you correctly, confirm adding an expense. You can revert mistakes with one click.

There is one limitation, though. As iOS is not yet supporting speech recognition in the PWA, open the app in the browser that supports speech recognition. Check out Safari or Chrome. This is beyond our means until Apple includes this feature into PWA.

Gougou supports the following languages:

  • English
  • Mandarin Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)
  • Polish

If you need a language that we haven’t yet implemented, please let us know, and we will add your language: link to the contact form.

Start using the Gougou

Try the Gougou right now by following the link: Try Gougou. If you’re new to PWA, we have created a brief instruction to help you. You can learn how to attach the Gougou to the start screen on your iPhone or iPad and start using it as native iOS app: link to the instruction.

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